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1. How to choose a right size?

Because the sizes in USA are different from those used in Europe, both regarding clothes and shoes, you must pay attention to this matter while purchasing a product. There is a table of sizes that can be helpful as it contains description of particular sizes and their European counterparts. In case of any further doubts, please contact us directly by email :

2. What do a status of an order and its changes mean?

Accepted - first status that appears immediately after you make an order (generated automatically)
Verification - after an order is made, we check our stock / ability to order required items from USA
Order being realized - Order has been successfully verified and accepted by the party in USA, within the following few days the realization is completed and the parcel is sent to Poland
Sent - means that the products ordered have been sent to the previously given address of the customer. Usually within 48 hours the parcel is received by the customer.
Rejected - when the order from any reasons cannot be realized (lack of product, lack of size, cancellation of order and so on)

The status of an order was developed to let the customer find out about the progress of his order's realization without necessity of sending e-mails or contacting the staff of the shop.

Remember, that the change of status is connected with sending a message about it by the system. This type of e-mail often contains our comment , suggestion or justification so please real this type of information more carefully.

3. Are these products entirely original and new?

YES. All products come from an official distributor in USA. Moreover, they go through customs procedure in Poland which confirms their origin.

4. How long must I wait for ordered products?

Products from "Buy now " section - time of realization is 48 hours since you made an order. Products from "Pre order" section are ordered from USA and the time of realization varies between 2-4 weeks (ordering in USA - verification - sending to Poland - customs procedure - sending to a customer).

5. Can you bring for me products (clothes, shoes etc) that I find for myself on Internet (for instance on some foreign auctions of EBay)?

YES. In such case please send to us required model (link/ photo), the size you need and maximum price you wish to pay. We will prepare the conditions and possibility of realization of this type of order.

6. Do you realize bulk orders?

YES. Conditions and possibility of realizing of this type of order are every time discussed individually.

7. Do you draft VAT invoices ?

YES. During every bulk order as well as on the request of individual customers we draft VAT invoice, which is attached to the parcel.

8. Do you realize foreign orders?

YES. We ship to all EU countries.Shipping cost is 15 EUR.
9. Is the offer on your website full and finished?

NO. If you don't find on the website the product you are looking for and none of the ones available meets your requirements, send to us :"offer request". Using the form, customer sends to us his requirements which we use then to prepare the offer with attached photos of suggested items.

10. What does status of a customer mean?

Status of a particular customer is visible for the other users only in the section of comments. It indicates if particular comment was written by a person who frequently orders our products or by someone who does it incidentally. Additionally, we will try to reward our loyal customers (possibility to gain the right to postpone payment and shipment, preparing special offers, special discounts, company's gadgets and so on).
Novice - first status that appears after realizing second order by a customer.
Loyal - a customer that realized in our shop at least 5 orders.
VIP - customers, whose quantity and frequency of orders make them very important to us :)


At the beginning we would like to thank you for visiting us and paying attention to our offer. Our adventure with the import of clothes and shoes started in 2003 from the wish to fulfill our own as well as our friends’ needs. Since that time we have built our online shop , getting experience and a wide group of loyal customers who appreciate individualism, quality and guarantee of full satisfaction. Owner of online shop is the company called Bud-Al Mikuła located in Częstochowa at Olsztyńska 248. Our service presents items which are available in our shop in Częstochowa as well as these which can be ordered from USA. Our ambition is to offer you the widest and the best range of items including products which are original and unique.


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