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Ecko Unltd
Marc Milecofsky, better known to the world as Marc Ecko, established Ecko Unlimited in 1993. Ecko began as simply a t-shirt company but thanks to the support of artists like Spike Lee and Chuck D, it quickly grew into one of the world's most popular brands. In the late 1990s the Ecko rhino logo began to appear in countless hip-hop videos, television shows and even in video games.
The hip-hop inspired brand expanded into other sub-cultures like skateboarding and was soon being seen on all sorts of actors, artists, musicians and other creative types.

From the early beginnings as just a t-shirt company, Ecko has expanded into a huge company with many brands and various clothing and accessory collections. Ecko rhino logo shirts remain one of their most popular creations but Ecko hoodies, Ecko jeans, Ecko button downs and Ecko t-shirts are also popular. The urban inspired skate and streetwear designs continue to keep the Ecko rhino in the spotlight and at the top of the wish lists for many. Ecko polo shirts, Ecko watches, and collections like the Ecko Red and Ecko Cut and Sew Collection, continue to keep Ecko as one of the hottest and most recognized brands in the world.



At the beginning we would like to thank you for visiting us and paying attention to our offer. Our adventure with the import of clothes and shoes started in 2003 from the wish to fulfill our own as well as our friends’ needs. Since that time we have built our online shop , getting experience and a wide group of loyal customers who appreciate individualism, quality and guarantee of full satisfaction. Owner of online shop is the company called Bud-Al Mikuła located in Częstochowa at Olsztyńska 248. Our service presents items which are available in our shop in Częstochowa as well as these which can be ordered from USA. Our ambition is to offer you the widest and the best range of items including products which are original and unique.


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