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All prices given in the shop are gross prices. The seller reserves the right to change the prices and assortment with simultaneous informing the Customer if the situation has direct influence on the order made by him.
We ship to all european countries - shipping cost 15 EUR.
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All products sold by us are brand new.


We guarantee originality of every item which is confirmed by customs procedure as well as documents from distributors.

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Sale contract is made between a Customer and the shop www.top-trendy.com. The subject of an agreement is the product specified in the order.Owner of online shop www.top-trendy.com is the company called Bud-Al Mikuła located in Częstochowa at Olsztyńska 248, Poland.

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If the product delivered differs from the one that had been ordered in any way, the Customer has the right to return it. In exchange the Customer has his money refunded or the product that fully satisfies him.The faulty item should be packed and sent back to our office:
Bud-Al Mikuła
Olsztyńska 248
42-200 Częstochowa

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Personal data of our customers is collected and processed with preservation of security standards that were indicated by Personal Data Protection Act from 29th August 1997. The Customer has the right to edit his data personally or using the help of shop's staff. Personal data of customers is not accessible for third parties or external companies.

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We offer every Customer our advice and assistance during shopping. International orders  can be paid by :
Credit card - Payment is realized via the platform Płatności.pl during checkout.(We accept VISA, MasterCard, Polcard etc.)
PayPal - system of international payments that can be realized in different currencies regardless of the place of your living.

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To make a valid order, the customer must give full and true personal information as well as contact and address details.

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Time of realization of orders is 2-4 weeks for the products which have to be ordered from USA / 48 hours for the products from "Buy now" section


At the beginning we would like to thank you for visiting us and paying attention to our offer. Our adventure with the import of clothes and shoes started in 2003 from the wish to fulfill our own as well as our friends’ needs. Since that time we have built our online shop , getting experience and a wide group of loyal customers who appreciate individualism, quality and guarantee of full satisfaction. Owner of online shop www.top-trendy.com is the company called Bud-Al Mikuła located in Częstochowa at Olsztyńska 248. Our service presents items which are available in our shop in Częstochowa as well as these which can be ordered from USA. Our ambition is to offer you the widest and the best range of items including products which are original and unique.


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